An experimental internet community.

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Nowadays social networks are so polished and buttoned up. There needs to be a place where you can virtually cut-loose.

Screenhole is an invite-only community comprised exclusively of screen captures, and where we challenge the presumptions of how social networks are built.

Screenhole is a throwback to the olde internet. You’re always seeing crazy things through your computer screen. Throw em in the hole!


Buttcoin is a craptocurrency, not built on blockchain technology. It can be earned and spent on Screenhole.


We added friction to Screenhole to cause people to be more thoughtful/real about comments. The results are hilarious.

You generate 20k buttcoin for leaving a voicemail on a screenshot.

Screenhole Voice Memos
Screenhole macOS App
Screenhole iOS App
Screenhole Voice Memos


  • React JS
  • Rails API
  • Twilio
    • - voice calls
    • - transcripts
  • Swift
    • - macOS
    • - iOS